14 Things To-Do With Cake Mix (aside from baking a cake!)

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You may have some cake mix in the pantry with no desire to bake it up, or really no reason. There’s no birthday or other special occasion. With these 14 things to do with cake mix, you won’t need a special reason for baking a cake! Or should I say you won’t even be baking a cake! There are some pretty cool things you can make with your cake mix. Read on to find out some ideas.

14 Things To-Do With Cake Mix (aside from baking a cake!)

1.  Cake Batter Cookies – check out the blog Tried and Tasty

2.  Orange Creamsicle Rice Krispie Treats – check out the blog Simply Southern Baking

3.  Cake Batter Whipped Cream – check out the blog Beyond Frosting

4.  Red Velvet Waffles – check out the blog Dessert Now Dinner Later

5.  Rolo Cookies – check out the blog This Week for Dinner

6.  Key Lime Gooey Bars – check out the blog Mom On Time Out

7.  Gooey Turtle Bars – check out the blog Eat At Home Cooks

8.  Cake Batter Popcorn – check out the blog Ruffled Mom (that’s me!)

9.  Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes – check out Betty Crocker’s website

10.  Fresh Apple Cake – check out the blog Smidge of This

11.  Low-fat Berry Cobbler – check out the blog Living A Changed Life

12.  Raspberry Oat Bars – check out the blog The Cookie Crumbles

13.  Funfetti Pancakes – check out the blog Tastes of Lizzy T

14.  Cake Batter Milkshake – check out the blog The Novice Chef


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