5 Tips To Avoid Summer Boredom

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The excitement of summer vacation can quickly dim as kids start grumbling about being bored. The good news is there are things you can do to help prevent this. Whether you subscribe to entertainment services or plan family outings, here are some tips to avoid summer boredom.

1. Subscribe to Movie, Book, and Video Game Services

There are so many excellent services you can subscribe to for very little money. Whether it’s Netflix, Kindle Unlimited, or GameFly, these services are a great way to keep kids busy for short periods. You don’t want your kids playing video games or watching TV for hours at a time, but these are still nice to have. Kindle Unlimited is especially great because many books are included with your subscription that your kids will be reading all summer long.

2. Explore Your Town

How much of your city have you seen? Many people never enjoy the things their town has to offer. Take the time to visit the museum, stroll around the zoo, go to the local exhibits and art galleries, check what activities your local library is offering, or see a play. Another tip – visit your local chamber of commerce and get coupons for the local attractions. Finally, don’t forget to check out sites like Groupon.com to get some ideas too!

If you live in the Buffalo region, be sure to check out my Buffalo Summer Bucket List filled with local things to do!

3. Go on Family Outings

Each week plan at least one family outing. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. You might go to the park or have a picnic at the lake. Try to do something different each week. You can even allow each family member to choose what they would like to do. This is a great way to get out of the house, create exciting plans and avoid boredom.

4. Host a Cookout

Cookouts are a fun way to avoid summer boredom. You can invite your friends and family or enjoy some hamburgers and hot dogs with the kids. Have fun with it, and maybe even come up with a theme for your cookout. You can play some music, play Frisbee, and make new things like pizza or grilled fruit. 

Check out these Summer Cookout games you can print and play at your next gathering! Some of my other favorite yard games to play outside are:

Large Size Connect 4
Ring Toss
Large Size Tumbling Tower

Bocce Ball
Ladder Ball

5. Learn a New Craft

Last but not least, learn a new craft with your kids or teach them a skill they have never done before. Many craft stores have free demonstrations, or you can take classes. Choose something the entire family would enjoy learning and find courses in your area. For example, Michael’s has themed craft sessions all summer long.

There are so many great ways to avoid summer boredom. It might be learning how to paint or sitting down with a great book. Regardless, if you plan carefully, you’ll never have to hear the dreaded “I’m bored” again. 

In what ways do you avoid summer boredom with your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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