Hello! My name is Christina, and I run RuffledMom.com, alongside WNYDealsandTodos.com and TimeForAGame.com. Let me tell you a bit more about myself as well as my blogs.

I am a mom, wife, and saving strategist for busy families. I have a dual degree in finance and economics.

I have been running my passion site WNYDealsandTodos.com, since 2011. It is a community of locals looking for easy ways to save money and finding fun things to do with their families.

My hobby and interest site, TimeForAGame.com, helps others find great board and card games to play with their loved ones. I currently have over 100 games in my collection! Since I have a lot of experience playing a wide variety of games, this makes me excited to have started this niche website! I look forward to sharing how to play and reviewing my favorite games.

Last but not least, I decided to start this site! RuffledMom.com is a more personal site, where I can share my experiences as a work-at-home mother of two. While running my first website, WNYDealsandTodos.com, I have seen the highs of great success. In the past few years, I have also unfortunately seen depressing lows. Having had this roller coaster journey, I will pepper in some stories about owning my own business, being a full-time blogger, and other behind the scenes tales.

Most importantly, I lost my mother when she was only 42, and at the end of 2016, my father tragically passed away. Both of my parents’ deaths were hard on me, especially since my dad’s death. 

Finally, on this blog, I plan to share my mental health journey through some pretty significant life events. One such area of growth for me is coming to terms with having lived in an alcoholic family. It has been a steep path of discovery. While I am not a professional in the mental health field, I hope my personal stories help someone else out there. More importantly, I hope writing my stories help me too. Hopefully, they help me realize what I have survived, that I am stronger than I think and that despite feeling messed up all the time, I am just a bit more ruffled. ??

P.S. Why Ruffled Mom? I was initially planning to go with MessedUpMom.com (domain is for sale, want it?!). Honestly, I do still like that name. Yet I couldn’t help feeling that “messed up” has some pretty negative connotations to it. My theory proved to be correct when I Googled “messed up mom.” With that, I did not want to start off looking like a terrible mom messing up her family.

My daughter has loved her bean bag piggy plush for many, many years, which she named Ruffles. This pig has become a lovey for all of us, not just her. Anyhow, one night, while trying to contemplate a new name for my mom blog, my daughter came down with Ruffles to give me a hug goodnight. She said his name and I screamed at her, “That’s it! Ruffled!” It sure caught her off-guard, but when I explained to her the concept, she loved it.

Now suffering in my mom’s guilt, I feel like I need to make another site dedicated to my son’s lovey, Blankie…