Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Bingo Game Printable

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One of our family’s favorite traditions during the holidays is to look at the Christmas lights around town. Sometimes we go driving in the car. If the weather is particularly nice, we will take a stroll in the neighborhood. When my kids were younger, we would bundle them up and push them in the stroller or wagon.

I remember doing this every year as a kid, so I try to keep it a tradition for my own family.

Since my family loves games, I thought how fun would it be if I made a scavenger hunt game out of our tradition this year! And that’s just what I did!

My Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Bingo game has seven (7) different cards to use, perfect for multiple children or to play a few times during the season.

You can print the scavenger sheets here. Then have your child(ren) grab a crayon or marker and a small flashlight to see their boards as they play, and head out for that drive (or stroll!). As always, be safe and remember that this game is for passengers only. Never play while being the driver!

Have fun on your Christmas Lights scavenger hunt adventure! And let me know what you thought of the game in the comments below!

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