Elf on the Shelf: Candy Cane & Holly 2015

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Here is what our elf (and our new elf!) was up to in 2015. Note I originally posted these on my other website www.wnydealsandtodos.com.

A few kids in school already have their elves back home so my children were super excited when they woke up this morning to not only our original Candy Cane who has visited us for a few years now but now there is a new elf around and she’s a girl!  If you look closely at Candy Cane, he does look worried.  ðŸ˜‰

November 23rd:

November 24th:

Only one month until Christmas Eve – yikes!!  I’m not even close to done shopping yet.  How about you?!  Oh, and my kids named the new girl elf Holly.  ðŸ™‚

Dec 1 – 6th:

So the story in our house has become that Candy Cane, our original elf sent to us a few years ago, is feeling a bit threatened by the new girl elf, Holly.  So recently we discovered Candy Cane tied up poor Holly with masking tape!

Looking a little smug, but those socks are SO darn cute!!!

Here he just had his little socks on his hands but my kids said maybe he was using them as boxing gloves.  Holly was hiding pretty good if that was the case!

One day they are wrestling, the next day they are eating pumpkin pie & cookies together!

Goofy elves!  Maybe they are getting along now?!

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