Elf on the Shelf: What did Candy Cane Do?! 2013

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Here are some photos of what our elf on the shelf, Candy Cane as we named him, was up to in 2013. Note these were originally posted on my other website www.wnydealsandtodos.com.

Dec 10th:

Is it terrible that I hope this scares the crap out of my husband when he closes the bathroom door?!

Dec 11th:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ElfontheShelfDay2.JPG

Dec 12th:

You can see how I repurposed a wine rack that I wasn’t using.  I needed a place to put my pots!

Dec 14th:

He’s inside my Rudolph tree!!!

Dec. 15th:

He got into my Mexican Wedding Cakes (which are very good by the way!)!

Thank you for sharing!

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