Festive Candles Made From Dollar Tree Supplies

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Thank you for sharing!

Again I was inspired by the Daily DIYer with this project (check out her channel if you haven’t yet!) just like the Gnome Christmas tree I posted on here. I wanted to add a container to hold the candles in though and of course, thought they would look extra festive with faux snow!

Here is how to make Dollar Tree candles a little more festive!

Supplies used:

3 tall candles in a glass jar
Roll of ribbon, 2.5 inches thick
Black stick-on letters (found by the poster boards)
Divided organizer with lid
Package of faux snow
Glue gun

First, measure the ribbon to go just around the bottom of the candle and cut. Second, cut off the wrapping that is around the candles. Then use your glue gun to adhere the ribbon to the bottom of the candle. I just glued the ends of the ribbon and pressed them against the candle.

Next, adhere the J, O, and Y stickers, one to each candle. I used the glue gun to really seal the stickers onto the candle.

Open the container with lid. We don’t need the lid so I glued it to the bottom of the divided container just to give it more strength since it will be holding 3 jar candles.

Finally, add a small amount of faux snow to each of the sections in the container and place the candles on top. Display your beautiful centerpiece on a table or fireplace mantle!

Thank you for sharing!

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