Fun Graduation Party Theme Ideas

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Graduation is right around the corner, and so are high school and college graduation parties. Are you looking for a unique idea to make your event special? Here are a few creative graduation day themes to help get you thinking!

The Career Theme

What is your graduate going to be doing for a living? Make this career choice into a party theme! For example, if your graduate wants to be a teacher, get a cake that looks like a blackboard and says “Congratulations” in “chalk.” Have the guests/students do graduation-themed art projects out of paper, glue, and glitter. Give school supplies as party favors and prizes.

The Retro Childhood Party

Graduation is a celebration of growing up and moving on. So why not make a party nostalgic of the graduate’s childhood? Play games the graduate played at parties as a child, like bobbing for apples. Get a “graduation” pinata. Decorate the house with favorite childhood toys, and be sure to serve retro childhood food favorites. Or go all out and have the party at Chuck E. Cheese or some place similar.

The School Pride Party

Decorate the house with school colors. Purchase a school-themed cake, banners to decorate the walls, and school-themed favors. This party theme isn’t the most creative idea, but it is fun and not too hard to pull off.

The Toga Party

Have fun with a campy college party stereotype! Have guests come dressed with white sheets wrapped around their clothing. Wrap goodies as if they were in togas, such as mini hot dogs wrapped in swiss cheese. Use your imagination!

School Memories

Do something so that fellow students can sign in and leave a memory. Make a giant sign-in board and have each guest write down something to remember. Give students a “final exam” with trivia questions from their high school or college experience. . Or have students create a time capsule. You can incorporate these kinds of ideas into any graduation party.

The Dance Party

It is always a crowd-pleaser, whether you do it in your family room or at an upscale hall with a DJ. You can always give your dance party a theme to match the graduate’s tastes, such as the 1970s or 1980s party.

The Grease Party

What better way to celebrate high school graduation than with a round of “We Go Together?” Guests can dress up in poodle skirts and leather jackets. Serve retro 1950s soda fountain fare– burgers, fries, milkshakes. For music, you can go with 1950s classics or play the Grease soundtrack.

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