Gnome Christmas Tree Using Dollar Tree Supplies

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I am so happy how my gnome Christmas tree turned out! I was inspired by the Daily DIYer’s project she did with her mom. Once I had seen how cute their gnome Christmas trees turned out, I just had to have one! Now I think I need to make a second so he has a friend! 😊

Here is how I made the Gnome Christmas Tree using Dollar Tree Supplies.


2 White Christmas Trees
Package of gold-toned plastic ornaments, 7 pack
Men’s Scarf
Tin Santa Bucket
Green Floral Foam
Glue Gun

First, take out the white Christmas trees and remove the white stopper at the bottom of the tree post. We do not need that or the three stands that come with each tree.

Next, instead of fluffing the tree branches up, we are going to pull them downward. We want the tree to give an impression of a beard. Also, only pull the branches down to one side of the tree, leaving the back end bare. This makes the tree look fuller in front.

Front of trees:

Back of trees:

Then use the top branch (where the star would go) and wrap it around the top of the other tree. Repeat with the second tree’s top branch. This ties the trees together at the top. You could wire wrap the stems of the trees together too if you want but it’s not necessary.

Next, cut floral foam to fit inside the Santa bucket.

In the center of the floral foam, stick both of the trees’ stems in. Then pull out and put some hot glue in the holes for extra strength.

Put the trees back in the holes and hold until the glue dries. Fluff down his beard some more. The gnome is starting to come to life!

Next, we will make his hat. Take the men’s scarf, fold it in half, and cut a long hat-shaped piece. Separate the two pieces of fabric and hot glue the tip of the hat down the side edges, leaving the bottom open. Press together and wait for it to dry.

Once the hat is dry, turn it inside out so that you don’t see the glue seam. I also rolled up the bottom to give the hat a more finished look.

Now you can put the hat on the top of the tree, pulling it down to give a snug fit. The scarf stretches nicely, so it is easy to get a nice fit.

Next, we will make his mittens, similar to how we made his hat. First, fold the scarf fabric so you have 4 pieces to cut through. Then cut an oval mitten-shaped piece through all 4 pieces of fabric. Glue the side edges leaving the bottom open, and press together.

Once dry, turn the mitten inside out. Repeat with the other two pieces. Finally put both mittens onto the branches of the trees, making hands for your gnome.

The final touch is his nose. Take one of the ornaments (I used the solid color but if you like bling go for the glittery one!) and put hot glue around the hanger part. Then attach his nose right under where the hat is.

That’s it! Now you have a super cute Gnome Christmas Tree! It costs about $5 to make using supplies you can find at Dollar Tree.

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I bought several of the white trees so I can have gnomes all year long. I got some gray paint and “dabbed” on the white, also I thought I could make him a blonde or redhead during the spring/summer months and stick him outside in the flower garden… after all…. the trees are only a dollar!!!

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