How to Decorate a Tween Girl Bedroom

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A bedroom is a statement for a tween girl. She wants it to tell a story about her likes and how she feels most of the time. For this reason alone, Disney Princesses and other cartoon characters are out of the question! So are frilly bed sheets and plain wall hangings. How does a tween girl want to decorate her bedroom? Here are some great, new ideas on how to decorate a tween girl bedroom.

How To Decorate A Tween Girl Bedroom

Bedroom Wall Colors That Pop

What color goes on the walls of a bedroom set a definite tone. Tween girls seem to be more interested in colors that pop out and not blend in.

Does this mean pink is a no-go?

Not necessarily, it just has to be a BOLD pink.

Purple is a popular color with the preteen set, as long as it is a deep, vibrant color, and not pastel.

Walls don’t have to be white or off-white anymore. Take a step on the brighter side of things, and find a color that pops.

Tween Bedroom Wall Accessories

When it comes to choosing the accessories to decorate a tween bedroom, the sky is the limit. There are many ways to accent a room, and it depends on the girl’s personal style.

Some like posters galore, while others prefer stencils, and still others would take murals over anything else. Most important is that she can have the accents that reflect who she is and what makes her comfortable.

One way to determine what wall accessories a tween wants is to have her make a shoebox model (diorama) of what she thinks is her dream room. Once a parent sees her design, it is much easier to put the pieces together in a real bedroom before going on a shopping spree.

If a tween is into murals and big pictures on the walls, consider visiting This website is a cool place where someone can send in a photo and have it turned into a 3-D mural for your wall. The picture can be of a person, pet, or pretty much anything else.

Another super popular recent trend for tweens are LED strip lights. These lights are easy to apply and remove, as they require no special tools or equipment. Just stick and plug! You can find a wide selection of LED strip lights over on

A Bed for a Tween Bedroom

A bed is a bed, right? It is basically just a place to sleep and not much else.


A tween girl’s bedroom is a place to hang out and entertain friends. The bed has to be just right to give the room a unique look. Try a loft bed or a trundle style, which makes sleepovers much more fun.

Planning to keep the basic bed style? Dress it up with contrasting bedsheets and a comforter from the walls. Different color schemes include, but are not limited to:

Lime and Magenta
Blue and Orange
Brown and Pink
Yellow and Purple
Black and White

It is a good idea to compare contrasting colors before making any final purchases.

And while decorating a tween room can be loads of fun, keep in mind that comfort is crucial, especially when it comes to the mattress she sleeps on.

The ideas presented here come straight from tween girls’ comments. While it is true that each bedroom can be as different as the tween who decorated it, the consensus seems to be for bold, bright colors.

Other than that, the possibilities are limitless on how to decorate a tween girl bedroom. Now is the time to let both of your imaginations go wild with personality!

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