Indoor Scavenger Hunt Bingo Cards For Kids (Printable)

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An indoor scavenger hunt is a fun way to pass the time when your kids have nothing to do but stay inside. Plus, you can play a game of bingo out of the printable cards I made. Two games rolled into one!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Bingo preview

These indoor scavenger hunt bingo cards are meant for kids age 8 or older. Although with adult supervision younger children can certainly play. I have made five (5) different cards you can print out here. Give each child their own bingo card to play with or use a different card on another day when you have to stay indoors.

As an idea, you can have kids use a box to gather all of the items on their bingo cards. Have them get 5 in a row, or have them try to cover the whole board! Kids, when you are done just remember to put back everything where it belongs!

Another idea shared by a reader is to have your child use their mobile device to take a picture of each of the items on the list. Awesome idea Brianne!

If you would like to download and print out these indoor scavenger hunt bingo cards, click here.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Bingo Pinterest Image

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