My Teen’s Bright Red, Orange, and Yellow Bedroom

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We recently redid my teen’s bedroom, and I almost fainted when she said she wanted to go with a different, BRIGHT color on each wall. Her color choice consisted of red, orange, yellow, and white.

I really didn’t want to get that colorful! Well, I was okay with the white wall. 😉

I have to admit, though, her room turned out amazing! The colors really worked well with each other.

We used Behr paint, which is available at Home Depot. The colors she chose are as follows:

Red – 100 mph
Orange – Tart Orange
Yellow – English Daisy
White – Ultra Pure White

In this photo, one wall is painted in Behr Red called 100 mph and the other is Behr Orange called Tart Orange.

Let’s make a mural!

Then my teen decided she wanted to get artsy and make an abstract design on two of her walls! As if the bright colors were not enough for this mom!

My sister, who was in for the weekend visiting, had experience making a mural on her bedroom walls back home. And I was glad she was here to help with my daughter’s request!

She taught my daughter how to make a mural on the white and red walls, utilizing the contrasting colors. I think my teen got some of her artfulness from her aunt!

To make the mural, they used Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. They placed the tape as an outside border creating abstract shapes on the already painted and completely dried walls. Next, they used smaller paintbrushes to paint the inside of their design.

Once the paint dried for a few hours, they put on a second coat. Finally, they let it dry completely for at least 24 hours before they removed the tape.

As a tip, when peeling the tape, do it slowly! You do not want to take off any of the paint and ruin your hard work!

The yellow was called English Daisy by Behr.

The colors in the art make for an exciting contrast. My daughter and sister both have a very artsy eye!

Overall I am pleased with how it turned out! And she absolutely LOVES it! She spends more time in her room now than ever before. It’s all her own space, and I am glad she enjoys it.

Even her bed, lamp, bookshelf, and desk all complement the whole look. Other items we purchased for her room as shown in the photos:

Potts Full Daybed – with side headboards and 3 bottom drawers

Simple Designs Home Etagere Organizer Lamp

Amazon Basics Lightweight Soft Easy Care Microfiber Black Pillowcases

SORMAG Bed Pillows for Sleeping Set of 2, Standard Size

Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Lifeholder Bedside Table Lamps – with Dual USB Ports & A Power Outlet

What do you think of the room? Would you ever try bright colors like this, or are you more of a blue, gray, and white sort of painter like myself?!

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