Summer Activities To Keep Teens Busy

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As the summer heat settles in and school lets out, parents of teens wonder what their teenagers will do with all their free time over the next few months.

Before we know it, summer will be over, and the first day of school will sneak up, so make the best of the next few months and try to help keep your teen busy while enjoying the summer sun.

Get a Job

One of the easiest and best ways for teens to spend their time over the summer is getting a summer job. Whether it’s lifeguarding or babysitting, a job at a favorite store in the mall, or a part-time job at the post office or library, teens with summer jobs can earn money while learning about responsibility and work ethics.

Teens who can drive have more options. If parents will be driving them, the job’s location becomes more critical, especially with gas prices and how it affects your time management. However, if there are available jobs within walking distance, teens should be encouraged to apply there first. This way, they won’t need to rely on anyone to get them to and from work each shift.

Summer Camps

Another popular summer activity for teens is attending summer camp. Camps are geared to specific interests so that teens can take sports camps, art or nature camps, environmental camps, or others.

Some camps are day camps, but often you can find excellent residential camp programs for teens, who can learn independent living skills they’ll need in college.

Information about summer camps is available from local parks and recreation programs, schools, or online searching.

Keeping Cool With a Good Book

During the school year, it’s difficult for teens to have time to enjoy a good book. Reading for pleasure is often replaced by reading for school work.

So, with temperatures outside soaring, now is a great time to stock up on a nice pile of summer reading at the library or online. There are many excellent teen reading series or let your teen browse through the library and choose something interesting.

Also, be on the lookout for book sales at the local library or garage sales offering reading material. It is a great way to stock up on books for your teen without breaking the bank.

Summer Internships

The summer is also an excellent time for teens to pursue summer internships in their area of interest. Colleges and universities do not always set up apprenticeships. Often, teens can pursue internships directly with employers in their field of interest.

Whether working at a magazine, at an architectural firm, a physician’s office, or assisting an electrician, many opportunities await enthusiastic teens who show initiative. And let your teens take the lead on this one as finding an internship of interest to them and seeking it out is all part of the learning experience.

Also, don’t forget to let them have fun! Going to the beach, swimming at a friend’s pool, or grabbing snow cones are the things they’ll remember fondly as a soon-to-be grown-up!

Summer vacation can be tough to keep any kid occupied. Find tips for summer activities to keep teens busy throughout the vacation break.

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